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Why choose DCTC? Our mission is Education for Employment. We offer:

  • Outstanding Faculty – industry professionals who care about your success
  • Affordability – DCTC credits are about 1/3 the cost of a private 2-year school
  •  Alumni Success – Employers seek out DCTC graduates
  • Flexibility – DCTC offers day, evening, weekend and online courses
  • Student Support – You will find the resources you need to succeed



Meet student one and student two. Both want to go to college. Student one wants to attend a state university, while student two decides to go to Dakota County Technical College. While at the university, student one notices that many other students are dropping out. Students leave university for many reasons. They may feel underprepared or have trouble affording school. They may simply lose interest or don't see the connection between their schooling and career choice. In fact, only 25% of college freshmen stay long enough to receive a bachelor's degree on the first try. Meanwhile, at DCTC, student two is receiving a hands on education in smaller, more individualized classes taught by industry professionals.

Fast forward two years into the future. Student one is still studying at the university, while student two graduates with an associate gets degree. Our technical student has less student loan debt and can get out into the workforce, applying their knowledge and skills while earning a paycheck. Students are often encouraged to attend a university, but many careers in our economy do not require a four year degree. Here's the breakdown. For every one job in the US that requires a master's degree or more, two need a bachelor's degree, and seven jobs need only a two year degree or one year certificate. And employees with knowledge and technical skills are in high demand out there in the job market.

But don't people who have a bachelor's degree earn more than those with a two year degree? Yes, if you're looking at the overall average income, however, a great technician can earn more than a university graduate who is just so-so good at their job. And remember, employers need people with knowledge and technical skills.

At Dakota County Technical College, our students get the knowledge and hands-on technical skills to be successful, whether they want to start working right away or decide to go on for further education. Welcome to education for employment. Welcome to DCTC.

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